Collecting tolls on 7 freeways of the country will be made electronically by the end of the year


Fanavaran - Soheil Mazloum, CEO of Sepandaar Company and the project manager of the Payment System Modernization Project said that 28 freeways in the country will be equipped with electronic toll collection (ETC) systems, and in the first phase the toll payment will be fully electronic in the 7 freeways by the end of the year.

Regarding the Payment System Modernization Project in the country he stated: The Ministry of Roads and Urban Development called for participation aiming at integrated electronicizing the freeway tolls. Through combining the shares of electronic trading companies of Parsian, Toosan, Toosansaha, Atishahr, Simorgh Tejarat, Abadrahdar Pars, Hamsoo, and Fanap, Sepandaar Company won the call and the contract was signed as BOT, and communicated in August of the current year. Mazloum said that after the administrative process, the implementation of the project was started in January this year, and said that in the first phase of tolls payment in 7 freeways of the country, including Tehran-Saveh Freeways, Tehran-Qom, Tehran-Pardis, Karaj-Qazvin, Qazvin- Zanjan, Zanjan-Rasht and Lot 4 of Tehran-North Freeway (Marzan Abad-Chalous) will be completely electronic by the end of the year. The executor of the Payment System Modernization Project continued: Gates will be installed on the country's freeways without the slightest disruption of the traffic, the license plates will be recognized and tolls will be paid in various ways. For instance, a person can install a tag or GPS module on his car and pay through his e-wallet, or pay the bills by using a mobile application or USSD code. Regarding other payment methods, he said: video tolling is another method, the car owner can connect the license plate to one of his account numbers and, when crossing the gate, the amount can be automatically paid. It is also possible to pay in special kiosks in rest areas. Segandaar's CEO emphasized: With the agreement of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, we are about to completely remove cash payments from freeways, which will greatly help reduce freeway traffic.

In response to the question that if cash gates are removed, what will happen to the staff of this section, Mazloum said: The Mother company specialized in the construction and development of transportation infrastructure of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in a letter to construction, maintenance and operation companies of various freeways of the country, required them to use their personnel of the cash toll payment gates in other parts of the company and, as a result, these employees sould not be worried about their job prospects. Moreover, the development of ETC systems on freeways will be accompanied by an increase in their revenue and will develop many value added services, including maintenance of electronic equipment, which, in the near future, can far more than the current staff in the cash toll payment be employed in the value added services associated with electronic toll payment.